Friday, April 9, 2010

The Red Letters Project

I can honestly say I have never heard anything like The Red Letters Project. This amazing collection of 3 CD's covers every word spoken by Jesus that is recorded in the book of Matthew. It takes segments that follow a theme and puts them to music that echos the feel behind the words spoken. We have word-for-word translations, and thought-for-thought translations, but this adds the element of emotion and audio in such a way as to add contemporary understanding to the emotion that must have been felt or desired to be conveyed by the words that God chose to include in the Bible. Some of the selections are hard rock, some rap, and others alternative, but all stay true to using only the words of Jesus. I felt a call to sit up and take notice to those words in a way never before experienced. I urge you to check out this amazing project and see where you might use it in ministry or personal fulfillment. You will be glad you did! This project releases in June 2010, but you can check out more reviews here.

*Please note this material was a complimentary copy provided to me by Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my review.

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