Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kaleidesope- pretty, but little substance...

Women of Faith author, Patsy Clairmont offers up this quirky, humorous look into the proverbs and how multifaceted they can be. In "Kaleidescope: Seeing God's Wit and Wisdom in a Whole New Light" Patsy shares her insights, memories and anecdotes as she sees them throughout the proverbs and in correlation with her fascination with kaleidoscopes through the years. While a good read and humorous, the book fell flat for this reviewer. Like cotton candy, there was a lot of surface insight with very little to chew on. There are many gems of hope and reminders of God's faithfulness that might be helpful as sermon illustrations or as a light book study, but do not look to this book to be very deep. Perfect as a gift book for someone looking for a different perspective or a shift in life, it will help the reader adjust their focus to see things in a little different light.

*please note: this book was complimentary from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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