Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Gospel according to Lost

Chris Seay has done a masterful job in The Gospel According to Lost of making some sense out of a television phenomenon whose joy in being is in confusing it's followers. There are always new turns, twists and tales in each episode and season. Mr. Seay does a masterful job of showing the biblical references as well as how each main character relates to one another and to the story as a whole. It was amazing to read through his detailed description and each connection point. Even if you have only seen a few episodes of the show you will be entertained and encouraged to understand just why this show has captured the imagination of the world. Even written one season before the end it is valuable to help regular viewers gain deeper cultural understanding that will be drawn on past the end of the show's life. The nature and tendencies of human nature are all here! I highly recommend this book to Lost aficionados and rookies alike.

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Berry said...

Chris Seay is a writer that helps me integrates my favorite show LOST with the religion.

Every avid fans or Losties (as they called it) will want to flip around this book.

The Daileys said...

Too true :) This book was the first time I had heard of Lost aficionados called "losties". It's nice to have a name!