Monday, August 31, 2009

Jesus Calling

After recieving Jesus Calling to review I dug right in! I love devotionals and books that are like a spirtual cup of coffee to my soul. I am sorry to say that I was dissapointed in this particular one. Though Sarah Young has a wonderful idea in writing down exactly what she felt that Jesus was saying to hear, I feel it was specifically what SHE needed to hear. I found the devotional repetitive and after about a dozen entries it became stale for me. If you happen to be in the same place that the author was when she wrote this book then you may find it refreshing and encouraging, but I would say it is a must to have your Bible out and reading the sriptures for yourself that she gives at the end of each day's entry. Don't get me wrong, the truths that she shares for each day are not, I believe, take out of context, but they the end of the book you get a very real sense of what God wanted to say to the author and where she was coming from, and in that vein, you know the author's needs and not your own.

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