Monday, April 27, 2009

The Noticer: an easy buck...

I don't give negative reviews often as I have a special appreciation for the hard work of an author, but this one really got me... When I opened The Noticer, by Andy Andrews, I was quickly drawn in by the storytelling and the parable-esque quality of the writing. If I was a new Christian or a person seeing the frosting-type of sweetness that comes from shallow advice I would think this was a very good book. There are so many other religeous self-help books that were skimmed to cobble this one together than I got a little lost about what advice was given to what situation. The main character was so unbelievable that I was totally turned off by the 3rd chapter even. I have to say that I was very dissapointed in the amount of scripture used. It felt a little like playing the telephone game with a whole lot of great ideas being passed around without roots. I honestly would not recommend this book at all unless it is for a very light devotional or a mindless distraction.

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