Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Great Grief Helper

A real help for those grieving is "For the Tough Times" by Max Lucado. This gift book type piece was a nice surprise wrapped up in what I thought would be a bubble gum-hued band aid for those suffering from the death of a loved one. This book is so much more.

We grieve over those lost to death as well as relationships lost to pride or sin. We grieve over jobs lost and futures lost. We all face tough times and the answer is found in Christ for all situations. I was so inspired by the actual applicable texts found in this book that I quickly found a stuation in one close to me to give this book to. It is a wonderful tool to pass along after you have found the help needed within it's pages for your own pain.

I really liked that it was not a glib collection of platitudes, but shone the light on the real issues faced in the midst of pain as well as the importance of facing them with God's help. This connection is acheived through prayer and immersion in scripture to remind us of God's unending control. In grief we can easily feel that God has forgotten about us or is caught off guard, but listening to his voice through his word and pouring out our hearts to him in prayer can reset our center and help us to stand.

I urge you to obtain a copy of this book even when not in crisis. Teach your heart to pray now so that when grief enters your life you will be ready.

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