Monday, December 22, 2008

Needs a warning....

Well, I have finally finished reading House of Dark Shadows by Robert Liparulo. Once I got started it went very quickly and held my attantion fully. My first reaction to this book was that it needed a rating of PG-13. There are some highly emotional parts to this book as well as some very graphicly violent passages as well. It was a riveting introduction to what is sure to be a popular series and had a fittingly surprising twist at the end that assures you of the eanrwed aticiaption of future sequels.

In this book, a 15 year old boy and his family move to a backwoods hick town for apparently no reason and the house they find that seems to meet their needs has some disconcerting anomalies about it. Voices seem to come from the wrong direction, paople seem to be in the wrong places and a pair of huge footprints is found in the dust that cannot be explained. When the brothers in the story find that a linen closet mysteriously transports them to a locker at the local school the terror begins and everything unravels.

Mr. Liparulo tells the story masterfully and I was drawn into the story by his picutresquely descriptive writing. If you like mysteries and don't mind a bit of suspense and gore this may be the series for you.

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