Monday, November 17, 2008

Review: Chronological Study Bible

From the moment I opened this amazing study tool I was impressed! Some of it's wonderful array of highlights:
  • Full color maps, photos and illustrations
  • Historical accounts

  • Timelines

  • Transition helps

  • Cultural highlights

  • Contextual Helps

  • Extensive glossary and concordance

  • Index of cultural and historical topics
Couched in the easy to read New King James version, Publisher Thomas Nelson offers this treasure trove of study helps is a must-have for any theological student, pastor or bible teacher. Whether doing a group study or individual study, the reader holds the key to deeper understanding of passages as well as the bible as a whole. It is very easy to understand and puts into perspective the Word in a way that feels more devotional than textbook.
Did you know that the prophet Amos was a sheepbreeder and the "tender of sycamore fruit"? Seems the fruit of a sycamore is a kind of a fig and that small cuts must be made in each of the young fruits to improve the quality of the mature fruit. It was considered a low status job and made the message that he had to give even more importance. It is notes like this all throughout the book that give this unique tool it's appeal.
With this tool, the reader is easily able to explore many different perspectives and elements of life in the day that the bible was written. I highly reccomend this book as a vital part of any Christian's biblical tool belt!

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